A tribute to all the dogs that have served with our Armed Forces

War Dogs Remembered
War Dogs Remembered is a charity that was registered in 2015 by Julia Robertson, founder of Galen Therapy Centre. The charity was set up to pay tribute to and raise awareness of all the dogs that have served in the military. We raise funds to educate and share knowledge around the tremendous work that these dogs have undertaken, some paying the ultimate price for their service.

As part of our activities, we are currently involved in a project to build activity trails dedicated to dogs that have served, for dogs and owners to visit, connect and engage with. ​

For several years, we have been invited to attend the Memorial Day Parade in Ypres.
Visit the Poppy Parade page to find out more and to see a video of our trip in 2018.

At Remembrance Day services, we lay three wreaths to remember dogs that took part in The Great War, World War II, and current conflicts at the Poppy Parade in Ypres.. These wreaths are adorned with the names of our supporters dogs both past and present.

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The longest serving but least documented, dogs have been used in warfare since ancient times (7th Century BC) as their obedience, dedication, and loyalty combined with their speed and agility make them an invaluable asset.

Their formal enrolment started in World War I and now dogs are specifically trained and selected.

Many of the modern day agility obstacles are based on tasks carried out by war dogs.​ ​A third of all dogs used in WWI were pets donated to the war effort by their owners. ​

War dogs have been search dogs, sniffing for mines and explosives, messengers carrying orders and supplies to the front line, sentries, patrol dogs, and search & rescue dogs.

Despite the thousands of dogs that have helped our forces over the ages to the present day we do not have a dedicated war memorial for dogs.

War Dogs Remembered wants to change that.

By educating people and raising funds we hope to build a memorial to celebrate the contribution dogs have made.
We couldn't do the work that we do without your donations and support.
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War Dogs Remembered
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